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"How Becky and Gerard" by Glenn Dietzel

I found this post on the blog of Glenn Dietzel. And I thought it was an excellent piece of work.

Here they are: the article and the link to his blog:

How Becky And Gerard Overcame This Disease That Plagues Millions Today.

There are only two things you can do with time.

You can waste or you can invest it.

Let me share with you a young woman who contacted our office this week. Her name is Becky. Becky is a woman that resembles you and me. For years she has dreamed of authoring a money-making book around her passion.

For years she has known that her ticket to her freedom has been authorship.

For years she has known that she has a million dollar story tucked away from her life experiences, but she has done something that plagues tens of millions of people all over the world.

Let me share with you another person.

His name is Gerard and he knows he is only one action step away from being noticed by the key connections in Hollywood that would make his dream come true.

Gerard has been putting off authoring his book and has been wasting years doing everything the hard way to earn the right to be noticed–to be the expert in his niche.

Both Becky and Gerard represent the hundreds of people just like yourself who have contacted our office this past month and whose hopes and dreams have been crushed by external forces.

The first lesson I want to let you in on right now, is that now is the perfect time to go for your dream—your legacy. Tough economic times mean unbelievable opportunities for those who know the new rules of the Recommendation Age.

Let’s look at a disease that has not yet been quantified in DSM IV and how it has played out in Becky’s and Gerard’s life. This disease ran rampant in my body for way too many years.

By the way, DSM IV is the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual used by doctors to diagnose diseases. Many doctors that I talk to today believe that well over half of the symptoms they see in their patients are really psychosomatic.

Before I share with you the disease that Becky and Gerard had until this past week…and a disease that I had for almost 30 years, I want to share with you the first rule of investment in the new era that we now live.

The first rule of investment in the Recommendation Age is that you must look in your heart, for out of it proceeds the important issues of life. One of our legacy statements found in Author And Grow Rich is the following: “you look within for value and you look without for perspective” when you want to sell your writing.

The reason most people who take the time to acknowledge their dream of authoring a money-making book fail to make it happen is because of one of the “deadly characteristics of resistance.” This will require you to ignore immediate gratification in favor of long term commitment to author a money-making book.

Successful people focus on the future and on the reward of accomplishing a difficult task (made easy when you have a system like that found in Author And Grow Rich).

For too long Becky, Gerard and myself, when I was a Vice Principal, focused on the present moment refusing to move out of our comfort zones to challenge ourselves to accomplish our dreams.

Let’s examine this resistance as it really exemplifies a powerful disease that was so prevalent in my life for too long.

The power of resistance is that it is perceptional. It is psychological. It looks for external circumstances to validate the fact that you really don’t deserve success. And the power of this resistance is that it leads to a psychosomatic symptom that I will reveal below.

This is why the tough economic times that are upon us are really a massive opportunity for those who position their minds and take action right now.

Just a few weeks ago, while I was speaking in Orlando, I heard Robert and Kim Kiyosaki (Robert is co-author of the New York Times’ best selling series, Rich Dad Poor Dad) exclaim that they love ‘tough economic times’! Why? They both revealed that they do much better financially during these times. Both Kiyosakis told Larry King that most people give up when even just a slight amount of pressure enters their lives.

So if you are like Becky and Gerard–if you are like this former Vice Principal!– here is your homework.

Let’s start by understanding that success is NOT easy. But success in conjunction with a system that will position yourself as the noted expert in your field will fast forward your effort thru leverage.

Remember the first statement at the beginning of this post had o do with time: you can either waste time or you can invest it. One principle of human nature is that we do not value anything we get for free. The second principle of human nature as it pertains to time is that to live a fulfilled life, you should be authoring a book and building a business around a dominant talent. Talent can be defined as your natural way of thinking, feeling or behaving. A dominant talent can become a quantified strength through the investment of practice and knowledge.

To turn a talent into a strength that uniquely separates you in the market place requires diligence, persistence, and a willingness to do what you need to do one step at a time, every day, whether you’re “in the mood” or not.

Resistance comes in forms like, “I’m so busy today,” or “I’m too tired to work on my book,” or “I just have too much going on in my life right now,” or “I’ll start tomorrow.”

We become too accustomed to getting things fast. Microwave ovens deliver dinner in minutes. Fast food is available all over town. The Internet means we can do business any time of the day or night. This isn’t all bad, but it can lead to an over-reliance on instant results and ‘quick rich schemes’ that lead so many hard working people like Becky and Gerard down the wrong paths for so many years.

Author And Grow Rich is a system for you to follow so you can be successful. Yes, you do have to apply yourself, but all you have to do is follow the path that is set before you one step at a time. This book is about decreasing the time it will take you to personally experience the gratification of a completed book. Immediate gratification in this case is about the feeling you will experience once your money-making book is completed.

But Becky and Gerard have to deal with one ugly reality in order to make their dreams a reality. In order to step over the abyss that lies between wasting time and investing it–between immediate gratification and authoring a book to make their dreams come true.

Here is the genius about resistance: it does not exist outside oneself. It exists as a wall that lies between where you are currently and where you see yourself…as a money-making author. The subtle power of resistance is the fact that it lies not outside of you, but within you! It really is a psychosomatic condition and its condition is magnified by our tough economic times.

The strength of resistance is in direct proportion to the busyness of life. Another way of seeing your legacy, is this: the more you desire a legacy, often the more internal “junk” you have to overcome to make it happen. As stated in Author And Grow Rich, everyone has a desire to leave a written legacy. Benjamin Franklin recognized this long ago. And since this hard-wired desire is such an intimate activity that involves your very self, the conflict is enormous.

The ugly face of resistance is procrastination. Author Steven Pressfield in his book, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles, defines procrastination “as the ease to which we tend to rationalize our lack of taking action.” This makes it all the more seductive. We don’t tell ourselves, “I’m not going to write my money-making book.” No, instead we state, “I am going to write my money-making book; and I am going to do it tomorrow.”

I am happy to say that in the case of Beck, Gerard they are now joining the select group of insiders who are playing by the new rules of the Recommendation Age and fast tracking their success. And it all begins with your book!

They have overcome the new disease called ‘tomorrow’.

Remember, one of the laws of the Recommendation Age is Zipf’s Law. The market place requires that 90% of businesses fail to make a profit with their products and services. Celebrate the fact that you feel resistance to going for your legacy. The stronger the resistance will assure you of two things. 1. You must begin today to really go for it. And 2. only those who act on these principles will celebrate the tough times as it will ultimately facilitate your success.

To Your Legacy!

Glenn :-)


Don’t put this off until tomorrow. Stop being the victim of this disease! Phone our International Office in Canada at 519.542.3043. As a former educator and someone who could have taught your children, my over-riding desire is your success!

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