Sunday, 17 June 2007

Joe Vitale Message

It is a message I got recently from Joe Vitale.

"Hi Kasia

I love the television show Boston Legal. In a recent episode
actor William Shatner, playing egomaniac attorney Denny Crain,
sits in a chair, closes his eyes, and tries to attract actress
Raquel Welch.

I loved seeing the movie The Secret and the Law of Attraction
getting spoofed on national TV. After all, I'm in the movie and
love a good laugh, too. Spoofs can be fun.

And that's what the episode was: a spoof.

At the end of the show Shatner's character attracts one of the
greatest female comedians of all time: Phyllis Diller.

Shatner is shattered.

He thinks "The Secret" didn't work.

He mumbles, "I'm going to sue those people."

What did Shatner's character do wrong?

Why didn't he attract what he said he wanted?

Here's my take on it:

1. Shatner's character sits and concentrates, finger to
forehead, and looks like he has a headache. There's no joy on
his face. The Law of Attraction works when you feel the end
result of what you want, not just think about it. Denny Crain
isn't even close.

2. Shatner's character takes no action at all. None.
Considering the character he plays, surely he could have picked
up the phone and called around. Surely someone in his power
circle would be able to connect him to Welch. I could get to
Welch if I really wanted to. As you may recall, I'm the guy in
the movie The Secret who says, "The Universe likes speed. Take

3. Shatner's character attracts what he thinks he doesn't want:
Phyllis Diller. This is SO relevant. You always attract what you
un-consciously think is right for you. In the TV show, Diller is
actually an old flame. She represents sex to him, or at least
did at one time. This is so Freudian. In order to get what you
want, you have to get clear inside of the old programs. Until
you do, you won't get what you say you want, you'll get what you
unconsciously want.

Finally, Shatner's mumble at the end about suing "those people"
is also revealing.

It shows Shatner's character is still a victim, powerless to
the world unless he resorts to the one thing he can trust: the
legal system.

Again, I loved the episode on Boston Legal.

Just remember it was a spoof.

If you want to use The Secret to attract what you want, focus
on your intention, add feeling, take action and enjoy the

And then maybe you can attract Raquel Welch.

Dream Big!

Dr. Joe " (Joe Vitale)

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