Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Mark Joyner Blog

Very interesting article on Mark Joyner blog:
"A Letter from an Anonymous Iranian to the American People -

OK, I first wanted to deliver this message to you in form of a video containing interviews with people here, but after receiving some warnings from from family and friends about the risks of it here, I decided to share this message for you in form of a letter.

But just know that there's actually a human being - just like you - behind this letter, typing every word for you...

You know how much focus there is on the news about Iran these days. When you turn on the TV and read the paper, you hear about it.

You see the media tries to create an image in your mind about Iran and Iranians.

But have you ever wondered how real it is? Have you ever wished you could see behind the scenes and see the truth for yourself?............"read farther on the blog

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